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smoked glass ball chandelier
Sale -27%
$ 72.02 USD $ 99.02 USD
 The glass 'bubbles' and metal arms create a fixture that is contemporary yet takes you back to the modern middle-century, reminiscent of early molecular diagrams. Each 'branch' is moveable and therefore customizable to suit any...
antique gold cage multi globe chandelier
Sale -29%
$ 501.76 USD $ 702.46 USD
Retro yet modern fixture, inspired by 40s industrialism, this globe chandelier's lines and glass globes are reminiscent of a sophisticated blueprint. Six, eight, or 10 glass shades are joined by metal and wire while being...
brass 8 head hand blown mobile branching chandelier
Sale -44%
$ 439.95 USD $ 791.91 USD
  Beautiful timeless hand-blown glass showcasing a handcrafted metal frame. The perfect blend between the old and the new, this designer chandelier will make the whole room pop with great taste and a great eye...
gold geometric globe chandelier
Sale -51%
$ 382.32 USD $ 782.32 USD
  A modern multi globe chandelier to suit all tastes. This particular light comes with a gold body and clear glass globes with different sizes. An eye-catching lamp perfect for a dining room or a...
big black modern chandelier sale
Sale -51%
$ 195.96 USD $ 395.96 USD
  Modern black chandelier, different sizes to fit different spaces. Sleek design with a multi globe and geometric body light fixture. This will fit all type of decor projects, from a minimalist one to a...
Vertical installation branch chandelier
Sale -20%
body body
$ 213.60 USD $ 267.00 USD
Vertical installation bubble multi-branch chandelier perfect for tall ceilings or stairwells. With clear or smoked glass balls this ultra-modern light piece will make any room feel complete and classy. Find it in black and gold...
$ 606.34 USD
This beach wood chandelier is perfect for any bohemian decored room. Made with vintage teel wooden beads this eye-catching light features an abundance of decorative creativity. Perfect for those with a boho decor taste. Is Bulbs...
$ 305.52 USD
A gentle and modern chandelier design. This light with its delicate branches and whimsical frosted petals, lighted up by led light, will definitely look gorgeous at any decor project you may have. Find it with...
blue wood bead flush and semi-flush mount light
h45cm h80cm
$ 634.80 USD
Handy for giving you on-trend lighting in spaces with low ceilings, flush and semi-flush mount lights are a great option for brightening up space where square footage is at a premium. This semi-flush lamp, for...
mid century modern light fixture
heads heads
$ 178.50 USD
Multi-head modern black and gold light piece. Black steel structure with half gold half white light bulbs, that bring in a mid-century modern feeling to the room. Different sizes make this light fixture a perfect...
Herringbone Contemporary LED Chandelier
Sale -50%
10h 12h 14h light light light 20h light 6h 8h
$ 258.40 USD $ 516.80 USD
    The asymmetric design lines of this modern chandelier present an austere alternative to an ornate crystal chandelier. Each extended black or golden metal arm of the decorative light fixture holds a slender baton...
bohemian big chandelier
Sale -21%
$ 384.54 USD $ 484.85 USD
Greet guests with a warm and welcoming glow in the entryway or dress up your dining room for an upcoming dinner party with this eye-catching chandelier. Crafted from metal and crystal beads with a distressed...
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