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3 Easy Tips to Pair Different Styles of Light Fixtures

3 Easy Tips to Pair Different Styles of Light Fixtures

Are you having trouble choosing what sorts of lighting fixtures fit best next to each other? These tips will help you choose lighting styles that can harmoniously blend into your furniture without being too matchy. 

There are loads and loads of lighting fixtures to choose from; chandeliers, pendant lights, floor lamps, sconces, or table lamps, just to mention a few, so whenever it comes to choosing what can match best next to one another can become a real challenge for those who consider newbies in the decoration field. 

 Here are some useful tools to guide you along the way to effectively mix and match lighting styles to make your homespace look like your own. 

1. Focal points are key! Let other styles blend easily into the background. 

Here is where chandeliers take the spotlight. Chandeliers are known for their capability of breaking the visual monotony of an empty ceiling, and they draw attention to the room but still blending easily with the decor. Table lamps are an excellent idea to pair with chandeliers. They can keep the look smooth, and simple, but yet stylish, and welcoming. 

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2. Choose fixtures with similar “lines” and “feels”

I know this can be a Little hard to understand, but in a few words, matching is a good idea as long as each fixtures keeps its own personality.

For example, if your chandelier has a curvy brass shape like this one in the picture below, you can choose a floor lamp with a similar curvy brass as well. As you may see, they are far from identical these two lighting fixtures, but they keep the style in a uniform, and appealing way.

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3. Don’t use fixtures from the same collection in the same room 

To evade monotony in space, and without making it look too matchy-matchy, try to choose lighting fixtures from different collections. Seek using lighting pieces with the same or similar shapes, colors, or materials that will bring harmony to the homespace without being overly similar. 

For example, right below we can see how the sconce material and color are quite alike to the chandelier’s brass`; they’re far from identical, but they achieve a satisfying set. 

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