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Tips and Ideas on How to Pair Kitchen & Dining Lights

Tips and Ideas on How to Pair Kitchen & Dining Lights

This is such a common question received by any customer looking to remodel or replace light sources. 


Pairing kitchen island lights and dining room lights when they are in the same room is quite a quest, but do not worry we are here to help.

  With so many people building and remodeling and open concept layouts being so popular with the trending farmhouse decor running even after quite a few years, there are a lot of homes that have dining areas that are right next to the kitchen with no real separation. 

This architecture trend is both soaring on traditional styled areas and modern minimalist decor.

 It’s nice to have lights that go together, but don’t feel too matchy-matchy otherwise, the room will feel plain and without any personal stamp.

 Doing matchy-matchy lights feels builder grade and can make a home look less custom, less homey, and very much like a chain hotel. You want your home to feel like a boutique hotel, where everything is hand-picked and has a special purpose.


That’s why I’ve got you covered today with a few pairs that work amazingly well! 

Here are a few ideas for lighting styles that go nicely together. Be sure to check reviews our customer's reviews to make up your mind, the one thing I can tell you is that these ones look and feel amazing together, are right on trend, and are budget-friendly also!

We also include a few tips for things you can look for when chooseing your kitchen island and dining room lights. 

Remember you can click each image to go right to our shop to see more closely the lights you’re interested in. 

Happy light hunting!


  • Be sure to balance the composition of the lights. If you chose a “solid” pendant, then you’ll want a more airy and breathing fixture or the other way around. (for example, if your pendants are all metal and closed, you may want to go with a branching bubble chandelier for a little contrast)
  • Don't even try to match gold/brass finishes. It certainly is the hardest finish to match, no questions asked. There are all kinds of brass tones! BLACK and CHROME is the most recommended color if you want all lights to look the same, most of them are similar enough to work together. 


  • Go for a color combo, bronze and matte black fixtures will work amazingly well together. Remember you can always paint a fixture with canned paint, this is in case you want a specific fixture. Most of them are pretty easy to paint.


  • Look for look-alike lines. If you are going for straight lines, be sure to have similar lines in both areas, dome lines work fine too.

If you find this useful, please leave a comment below, and if you decide to push the button and go for new lights we will be happy to hear about your choices.



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